Here is what people have said about us…

Few more words people have said about Mike

Here is what people have said about us…

“Whether you are considering the purchase of a rental property, thinking of doing a renovation or ready to start building your dream home, you really should speak to Mike Collins. There is so much to consider in terms of cost and regulations and optimization of your investment and Mike will share his knowledge gained from years of professional and personal experience to guide you to an informed, confident decision.”

Janet Gray, B.A., B. Admin., CFP®, CHS, EPC, CPCA, Fee-only, Advice-only Financial Planner/Money Coach/Educator/Speaker

“Our association asked Mike to present his Secrets to A Successful Reno to the members. His presentation was packed with all kinds of helpful and informative tips. His many years of experience in the construction and real estate investing industries were apparent as was his passion for what he does. I could tell that his desire to help others was genuine and definitely appreciated that he shared his knowledge with us in a way that was relatable to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. I think everyone learned something that night. Being educated and informed is critical if you want to succeed in real estate. That’s why I think it would benefit any real estate investor to bring in Mike.”

Robert Gentile (President, Quinte Region Landlords Association)

“…Being part of a mastermind group has been a critical piece for constant forward movement. Being held accountable by others keeps you motivated. Receiving valuable advice and getting mentoring from peers on a regular basis helps with difficult decisions with rough periods and helps to keep you focused on your long term goals. Mike Collins and I have been part of a mastermind group for more than two years, he would be a great coach for a mastermind group. I highly recommend joining a mastermind group and having Mike as the coach of that group…”

Dan Illman (Fire Dept. Capt, Published Author, Real Estate Investor)

“…He has experience in the construction field and in the real estate investing field as well which makes him a valuable asset to have on your side. He makes himself available to help others out when he can, he is intelligent, very knowledgeable and is down to earth. He is able to explain things in layman’s terms and doesn’t mind repeating the information in different ways for other people to understand…”

Bolivia V (satisfied student and success real estate investor)

“…Mike has the following skills in abundance: intelligence, excellent technical knowledge, including techniques, procedures, organization, time management, and people skills, resourceful, cost conscious, innovative, patient, self motivated, dedicated to “safety in the workplace” and knowledgeable about many peripheral sets of rules and regulations pertaining to any particular project under construction…”

Bill W (retired architect and engineer)

“Bel-Con had the pleasure of employing Mike Collins as a Site Supervisor and Project Manager between 1988 and 2017. During that time, Mike oversaw many design-build projects ranging in size from smaller maintenance projects to larger new builds and was the client’s key point of contact in overseeing the entire process from site selection and design all the way to occupancy and building delivery…”

Tom G (co-owner Bel-Con Design Builders)

“…Mike also worked hard to heep the costs for major renovations to our community centre in Frankford within budget. Mike’s practicality helped us to get good value and effective outcomes in all of our building projects. We learned much from working with Mike…”

Terry C (happy client)

“…Mike is in the process of adding a third apartment onto the back of the one I am in and it has been great. The construction materials are all kept in a neat arrangement and don’t impede my day to day life here at all. Mike and the others building this addition are all very friendly and have been great at keeping noise to a minimum; I usually can’t even tell they’re out there working on it.”

Patrick L (satisfied tenant)

“…In the short time I have been working with Mike the passion and excitement he has for the construction and real estate industries has been both evident and infectious. He clearly cares deeply about the projects he works on, be they his own or for others and providing a quality build without breaking the bank rank high on his priority list.”

Liz S (current employee)

“…The decency that is shown to their clients / tenants truly reflects on the true character of their company as well as the people associated with it…”

Ron P (satisfied tenant)

“…We are current tenants at Mike’s rental apartment. He’s a generous and helping person. For the apartment, Mike resolves any problems and considers our complaints as priority tasks. Also, he has a very professional and friendly approach.”

Karen P (current tenant)

“…Mike’s attention to detail, focus on quality and his excellent communication and service skills were invaluable contributions to the success of every project he was involved with. His knowledge and understanding of the construction process, his sensitivity to overall cost, as well as his ability to navigate all the various governing authorities and regulatory requirements make him a well rounded and highly skilled professional in the real estate, development and construction industries.”

Michelle S (co-owner Bel-Con Design Builders)

“…The course delivers as advertised in the booklet. I would recommend it to anyone planning a building project. He (Mike) is just right for the job. He is on top of his game, listens well to the group and recalls what was discussed during earlier sessions. He ties his examples to specific group projects. He quickly built a rapport with the group..”

Mike S (satisfied student)