The Construction Coach (aka Mike Collins) is passionate about what he does and loves helping people to build their dreams through courses, mastermind groups and group coaching.

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Mike loves to work with people who are passionate about their building projects. Among his favorite things are collaborating with clients, developing synergy with them and sharing their excitement as they move through from the planning stage of their project to completion. He is thrilled to be able to pass along advice and tips that he’s discovered over the last 30 years and saving his clients thousands of dollars. Sometimes it is what you don’t know that can hurt you the most.

30 Years of Experience in the Construction Industry


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The Construction Coach is technology friendly. He is fond of online group coaching (because who doesn’t love learning how to save money while they are home in their jammies?) and is always on the lookout for new apps and softwares to make building dreams easier and more accessible.

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The Construction Coach Team is led by Mike Collins who is known for his many years as a contractor, project manager, teacher and coach. He has a Red Seal Carpenter License and a Gold Seal Superintendent Certificate from the Canadian Construction Association. Mike has also graduated from the Construction Engineering Technician program. He also continues to accept requests from leading educational institutions and investor groups to speak and advise on real estate construction matters.
Having worked on projects of all sizes, Mike has learned how to overcome the wide variety of obstacles that come with any project. By being involved at every phase of his projects, from labor to supervisor, Mike has gained an understanding of exactly what is involved at all levels of an operation.Mike and his project team have learned from the mistakes they made in the early years and can pass along valuable information to both students and clients alike.

Mike’s long list of Certifications and awards include:

Red Seal Carpenter License
Gold Seal Superintendent Certificate (CCA)

Labour Course for Construction (OGCA)

Construction Law (OGCA)

R2000 Course

Project Control & Administration (OGCA)

Site Layout & Earthworks (OGCA)

Techniques of Planning & Scheduling (OGCA)

Management for Construction Superintendents

Teaching Continuing Education courses at Colleges and University

Special Achievement Award from the Durham College Construction Association

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