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The Construction Coach (aka Mike Collins) is passionate about what he does and loves using his 30 years of construction and real estate investing experience to help people build their dreams through real estate investing.  By using Mike’s online group coaching you can learn how to save time and money without even having to leave your favorite chair. Start or grow your real estate portfolio with Mike.  

With group coaching sessions by Mike (aka The Construction Coach) you can learn the secrets of how to :

Find a great property to buy

Acquire awesome tenants

Increase your property value

Eliminate overwhelming maintenance costs

Increase your cash flow

Successfully renovate your rental properties

Sometimes it is what you don’t know that can hurt you the most!

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If anyone knows how daunting it can be to enter the world of Rental Property Ownership it is The Construction Coach, Mike Collins! With 30 years in the business, he has seen almost everything and is happy to share with you his expertise and to help you on your way to becoming a successful real estate investor or help you to grow your current real estate portfolio. With Mike and his team by your side, your confidence will grow and you will realize you are completely capable of handling the challenges that can come with buying, renovating and managing rental properties.

Portfolio & Service Highlights

The Construction Coach Team is led by Mike Collins who is known for his many years as a contractor, project manager, teacher and coach.

Mike purchased his first duplex in 1990 at the height of one of the biggest housing price peaks.

He has  successfully built up his own real estate portfolio and he semi retired at the young age of 53.

He regularly receives requests from leading educational institutions and investor groups to speak and advise on real estate construction matters. Mike recently presented to The Money Coaches of Canada, the nation’s largest provider of advice-only financial planning and money coaching.

Having worked on projects of all sizes, Mike has learned how to overcome the wide variety of obstacles that come with any project. By being involved at every phase of his projects, from labor to supervisor to working with city governing authorities etc, Mike has gained an understanding of exactly what is involved at all levels of an operation. Mike is presently building new rental properties and renovating existing ones.

Here is what people have said about Mike….

“Whether you are considering the purchase of a rental property, thinking of doing a renovation or ready to start building your dream home, you really should speak to Mike Collins. There is so much to consider in terms of cost and regulations and optimization of your investment and Mike will share his knowledge gained from years of professional and personal experience to guide you to an informed, confident decision.” Janet Gray, B.A., B. Admin., CFP®, CHS, EPC, CPCA, Fee-only, Advice-only Financial Planner/Money Coach/Educator/Speaker

“…Our association asked Mike to present his Secrets to A Successful Reno to the members. His presentation was packed with all kinds of helpful and informative tips. His many years of experience in the construction and real estate investing industries were apparent as was his passion for what he does. I could tell that his desire to help others was genuine and definitely appreciated that he shared his knowledge with us in a way that was relatable to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. I think everyone learned something that night. Being educated and informed is critical if you want to succeed in real estate. That’s why I think it would benefit any real estate investor to bring in Mike…” – Robert Gentile (President, Quinte Region Landlords Association)

“…Being part of a mastermind group has been a critical piece for constant forward movement. Being held accountable by others keeps you motivated. Receiving valuable advice and getting mentoring from peers on a regular basis helps with difficult decisions with rough periods and helps to keep you focused on your long term goals….I highly recommend joining a mastermind group and having Mike as the coach of that group.” Dan Illman (Fire Dept. Capt, Published Author, Real Estate Investor)

“…Mike Collins has been instrumental in creating forward movement in my real estate investment career over the past two years. I have personally relied on Mike’s construction background and real estate advice to catapult my career to a whole new level. Mike’s determination and hard work seem to rub off on anyone who revolves in his circle. Mke has a no BS approach and shoots from the hip. Although you might not want to hear the truth, Mike is ready to give it. He not only gives the truth but also offers a blueprint for a logical solution. Mike is a true leader and has a passion for helping others succeed. I highly recommend working with Mike and his team…” (Tom S. Mastermind group member)

“…The decency that is shown to their clients / tenants truly reflects on the true character of their company as well as the people associated with it…” – Ron P (tenant)

“…Listening to what he had to say and the advice that he provided truly moved me to take action and realize that I could become a Real Estate Investor. Over the past 10 years, I have successfully started up and added multiple different properties to my own real estate portfolio.…” – M. Bolivia Vilagut (satisfied student)

Mike’s long list of Certifications and awards include:

Red Seal Carpenter License
Gold Seal Superintendent Certificate (CCA)

Labour Course for Construction (OGCA)

Construction Law (OGCA)

R2000 Course

Project Control & Administration (OGCA)

Site Layout & Earthworks (OGCA)

Techniques of Planning & Scheduling (OGCA)

Management for Construction Superintendents

Teaching Continuing Education courses at Colleges and University

Special Achievement Award from the Durham College Construction Association

Associate Member of OACETT


St Lawrence College

Loyalist College

Trent University

Mike’s list of teaching and public speaking engagements include:

St Lawrence College

Loyalist College

Trent University

Quinte Region Landlords Association

Money Coaches of Canada

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