The Importance of Getting Ahead Of The Game On Your Project

The Importance of Getting Ahead Of The Game On Your Project

In this week’s SMALL SECRET SATURDAY you will learn The Importance Of Getting Ahead Of The Game On Your Project. Next to a lack of communication, there is nothing that holds up project more than a lack of preparation.

It is absolutely critical to be on top of lining up both materials and labour. There are a surprising amount of long lead time materials that need to be ordered. This includes things such as door, windows, and cabinetry. Sometimes the order time for these items can be 6-8 weeks. Can you imagine having to put your project on hold for that long because you didn’t order your doors early enough? Time is money! Those 6-8 weeks can translate into one or two months worth of rental income you are missing out on.

It’s not just the long lead items that can give you grief. It is also things like flooring and bathroom fixtures. These are things that you don’t need to order months in advance but they are things that may not be readily available at your local hardware store or may not be able to be delivered to the site in time. I’ve recently been caught on both of these things.

Recently I found a great flooring product that ticked off all the boxes for me. Too bad my supplier couldn’t deliver it to the site in time and I had to drive an hour away to get it. Then I had to load it into my truck. And unload it on the job site. I don’t know about you, but my time is worth money. It would have cost me so much less (in both time and energy) if I had of been able to pay the $50 – $75 to have it delivered right to the site.

Now, I would be crazy if I didn’t point out another obvious way in which a lack of preparation can derail your project: you need to have your subtrades lined up long before they are needed. These folks are BUSY! They are often booked for projects a year in advance. My assistant has been waiting for roofers to come reshingle her roof for almost 8 weeks now! Again, can you imagine an 8 week delay on your project? That’s 8 weeks of rent you aren’t collecting!

This planning isn’t something that just happens as you move along through your project. Before you even start construction, you need to have a solid project schedule. Now, I’m not saying that this schedule is set in stone and never to change. I’m saying that you need to have a good idea of the timeline of your project so that you can make sure you have everything you need on site when you are ready for it, both supplies and manpower.

Getting ahead of the game is absolutely critical to keeping your project on time and on schedule!

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