HELP! I literally have 148 things to do….

Whether you are new to the world of renovations / new builds, like my teammate Liz, or a seasoned veteran, like myself, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks that go with a project.

This is a quick snapshot of the summary of our To Do List.

Here is the breakdown of the above “To Do” list that Liz and I share:

Total # of “To Do’s” 148
# of “To Do’s” specifically due this week 14
# of “To Do’s” specifically due today 11
# of “To Do’s” that are a priority at the moment 8
# of “To Do’s” specifically assigned to Liz 41
Date the oldest item hit the list July 16/19

We currently have 3 or 4 different projects on the go. We use this list to make sure that we stay on top of the many, many details that go along with each project. Just a few of the many things it allows us to do are…

1. Set our deadlines
2. Map out, and stay on, our schedule
3. Stay on the same page
4. Easily communicate changes in priorities from day to day (sometimes hour to hour)
5. Keep track of who is looking after what

Since many of you may be new to renovating, I am going to use Liz as an example in this blog post. She has been working with me since July 2019 and we are just hitting the home stretch on her first big project with me. She started with very limited knowledge of construction and renovating and has been on a huge learning curve these last few months. She has often felt out of her comfort zone and overwhelmed by all of the details, big and small, that go hand in hand with a reno / new build project. Does this sound like you?

Liz is also the type of person who likes to have all of her “to do’s” checked off her list by the end of the day and has struggled with not being able to finish everything by the time she signs off for the day. It has taken her a while to realize that it is the nature of the beast. We will always be waiting on somebody to get back to us whether it is a supplier with materials estimates or a sub-trade we are trying to line up for a job.
This has been a vivid reminder for me of what it is like for someone just starting and has made me want to share with you the advice I have shared with Liz.

1. Find a good “To-Do List” app: There are several of these available on the App Store. They vary in terms of complexity so be sure to pick one that is easy for you to use. If you prefer to go old school, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a good old paper day timer / calendar. Sometimes that can be easier than fumbling with your phone, tablet or laptop. Plus, it carries the added bonus of not having to make sure it stays charged!

2. Start with your Project Schedule: Take a blank monthly or weekly calendar and write in what things you need on what day. This includes things like labor, materials, and equipment. You need to take into consideration the order time for materials. Put arrows behind any items with an order time. This will help you figure out what your priorities are for a given day, week or month. You can then enter this schedule into your app. Below is a picture of a rough draft of a calendar I used to plan out a recent project. I have it all colour coded and although color system might not make any sense to you, trust me when I say that when you look at your own calendar, it will all make perfect sense to you.

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